As a consumer, do I have the choice to get my car repaired anywhere?

Yes, consumers have the freedom to choose where they want to get their car repaired.

Through a neutral server, vehicle users are free to obtain services from the vehicle manufacturer, his network of authorised repairers or any other service provider of their choice. Hence, the neutral server ensures customer choice.

Service providers can have fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory access to the data that they need to offer their services to vehicle users like you. That includes independent repair shops, fleet operators, insurance companies, etc.

Any information that is available to the vehicle manufacturer’s network of authorised repairers will be made available on the same conditions to independent third parties that offer competing services: the same type, amount and quality of data, at the same time, at the same price.

This concept for the transfer of vehicle-generated data ensures access in a fully non-discriminatory and anonymised manner, contributing to innovation and allowing fair and open competition.