Motor vehicles generate a wealth of data. While most vehicle-generated data are of a technical nature and only used locally within your car, certain types of data can be used to provide services. Connected vehicles allow sharing of some of these data with third parties.

What kind of data can my car share?

The type of data cars generate – and which thus can be used for providing certain services – differs from brand to brand, and even within brands, from model to model. The same applies to other motor vehicles of course, such as vans, trucks and buses, which all generate such information as well.

Various types of vehicle-generated data can be used to improve the driving experience, increase comfort for the driver, optimise products, and to contribute to societal goals such as improving road safety and reducing fuel consumption:

  • Tyre pressure;
  • Vehicle speed;
  • Mileage;
  • Fuel consumption;
  • Oil level;
  • Engine status;
  • Battery charge status;
  • Steering angle;
  • Outside temperature of the vehicle.

Vehicle-generated data do not include data imported by vehicle users (such as mobile phone contact lists and selected destinations for navigation), nor data received from external sources (for example information transmitted by roadside units, other vehicles or vulnerable road users).

Most data generated by your car are primarily of a technical nature. They exist only temporarily, are used locally within vehicle systems and are never stored.

Can I decide which personal data I want to share?

What is the safest and most secure way to share car data?

Will my car share all data?