What is the best means of providing access to car data for third parties?

Direct Access

  • Some parties are calling for direct and full access to the data inside a vehicle in an uncontrolled way.
  • But this would facilitate hacker attacks, since every new external data interface increases the number of potential targets and entry points.
  • Additional safety risks in terms of driver distraction can arise if external parties are granted uncontrolled access to the vehicle’s on-board systems.
  • A car is not a smartphone on wheels. Nor is it a PC that can be rebooted if a problem occurs while driving.
  • Your car requires much higher standards in safety, security and privacy.

Off-board Access

  • To limit the risks, a better and more balanced alternative to direct in-vehicle data access is off-board access.
  • This allows vehicle manufacturers to communicate the relevant vehicle data in a secure manner to an external server, from where third parties can access it.
  • Off-board data access will provide an open, yet protected, interface for the provision of services by third parties, contributing to innovation and allowing for customer choice and fair and open competition.