The best way to provide safe and secure third-party access to the data generated by your vehicle is by means of an off-board facility. This is a remote and secure server from where service providers can access the data, rather than directly having access to the (moving) vehicle in an uncontrolled way.

What is the safest and most secure way to share car data?

Vehicle manufacturers are prepared to make car data available to third-party services, but they want to guarantee that this happens in a way that:

  • Ensures the protection of the vehicle user’s personal data;
  • Does not endanger the safe and secure functioning of the vehicle; and
  • Does not undermine the liability of the vehicle manufacturer.

To limit such risks, a better and more balanced alternative to uncontrolled and full access to the in-vehicle data is for vehicle manufacturers to communicate the relevant vehicle data in a secure manner to an off-board facility. Service providers can access vehicle data through off-board means, rather than directly in the vehicle, in order to minimise safety, security and liability risks.

Hence, off-board access to data provides an open yet protected interface for third-parties, as it operates in accordance with clearly defined technical, data protection and competition rules. Of course, vehicle manufacturers secure communication between the vehicle and the off-board facility.

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